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Live Stream of Fiterobic

Roadmap to Mindfulness: 5 Steps to Healthy 2024 ​

Health, Instagram LIVE

January is about to end and some of us may still be struggling to kickstart the health journey. To help them build a foundation for a vibrant, healthy 2024, in our weekly Instagram Live session, we explored a powerful framework based on the 5 Pillars of Health that will empower you to feel your best, inside and out. Let’s dive deeper into each pillar and equip you with actionable tips to transform your well-being!

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Yoga is for all by Michael Stein

Understanding the restorative and curative aspects of Yoga for all


Yoga is for all. Our Founder, Alok Ranjan, recently hosted the International Yoga expert and instructor Michael Stein. Michael has been a yoga instructor for 30 years and has been associated with yoga since age five.

In this session, Michael tries to demystify misconceptions about yoga and talks about how yoga can help everyone connect with their inner self and how we can benefit from the curative and preventive aspects of yoga.

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