The Fitter Way to Life | #FitnessProChat with Ankita Sahni

The Fitter Way to Life | #FitnessProChat with Ankita Sahni

In the post-Covid world, staying fit has become mainstream as people are realising the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Regular excuses that were prevalent for not sticking to a fitness regimen are gradually making way for physical activities that can improve health and well-being overall.

In this #FitnessProChat session “Challenging the Status Quo: The Fitter Way to Life” Fiterobic’s Founder was joined by full-time Mom, NASM Certified Fitness Expert, Pre & Post-natal Coach Ankita Sahni.

This conversation with our guest discusses what it takes to disrupt the normal in our lives and how Ankita challenged the status quo and is now helping others stay fit and healthy. Key takeaways from the session are,

  1. How people can adopt a fitter lifestyle.
  2. Importance of staying consistent and motivated in fitness.
  3. Importance of fitness for females in India.
  4. How staying fit can improve physical, and mental aspects in life.
  5. Following a training plan.

This session was recorded on June 24, 2022 at 4 pm IST through Instagram Live.

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