Revitalise Corporate Wellness Program

Improve your Employee Wellness Quotient with REVITALISE

Healthy Workforce = Measurable Success

A healthy workforce leads to better profitability, more productivity and greater employer branding. “People First” organisations achieve this by focusing on the health and wellness of employees. 

According to a report by Aon India Primary Care Benefits Report, eight out of ten companies in India have increased their spending on well-being in 2023, while two out of three organisations believe unhealthy employees have a direct impact on business financials. 

REVITALISE by Fiterobic is a unique Corporate Wellness Program that focuses on improving your employee wellness quotient leveraging evidence-based practices, cutting-edge technology and is prepared under the guidance of global health and wellness experts and medical practitioners.

Healthy Workforce

Healthy Workforce means Healthy Business

Experience the wonders of Lifestyle Medicine tenets, advocated by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, an evidence-based healthcare practice that emphases disease prevention over curative medicine.


Improved Health and Wellness of Employees

Reduced Burn-out and Enhanced Job Satisfaction

Increased Employee Motivation

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Stress Management and Mental Health Support

Senior Leadership Well-being

What employees say about REVITALISE

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