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To help anyone who is willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

#FitnessProChat by Fiterobic is a podcast series designed to help you adopt a healthy and disease-free lifestyle. The program invites global health and wellness experts as well as medical professionals to share evidence-based information in your quest to a healthy life. The podcast leverages intense research in the field of biomedical and life sciences to present evidence based use cases.
Whether you’re a professional athlete, an amateur and just beginning your journey to a healthy life, this podcast is for you. This podcast will help you Stay Healthy and Fit and Lead a Fulfilling Life.

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Podcast Episode 35:
Intermittent fasting has become a major health trend, but is it right for you? In this episode, Lyn Smith, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Registered Nurse separates facts from fads. 

The session dives deep into all things intermittent fasting, from how it works to its potential health benefits and safety considerations. Listen to the episode to learn about the different types of intermittent fasting and how they work. The effects of intermittent fasting on overall health, ageing, and disease prevention. What you can (and can't) eat while intermittent fasting and Strategies for managing hunger and staying hydrated during fasting windows.

Key takeaways from the episode are:

1. Understand the different methods of intermittent fasting.
2. Learn how fat burning is impacted by intermittent fasting.
3. Discover the potential cognitive benefits of this approach.
4. Uncover the effects of intermittent fasting on health, ageing, and disease.
5. Get clear guidelines on what to eat (and avoid) while intermittent fasting.
6. Explore the safety considerations of intermittent fasting.
7. Learn tips for managing hunger and staying hydrated during fasting windows.
8. Find out how to deal with occasional indulgences and stay on track.
9. Get practical advice for beginners who want to try intermittent fasting. 10. Discover strategies to make intermittent fasting a sustainable lifestyle change.

About the host:

Alok Ranjan is the Founder & Chief at Fiterobic. Fiterobic. helps people stay healthy and fit and live a fulfilling life. After leading global marketing function for the past 20 years for Corporate majors like ITC, Tata Communications, Essel Group and advising global ICT Ministry in Africa and Asia, Alok has set on a journey to empower individuals in becoming healthy and fit holistically.

Alok is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, American Council of Exercises (ACE) Certified Yoga Expert and a Half-Marathoner.

Connect with Alok at,

LinkedIn: ranjanalok
Instagram: thealokr
Twitter: thealokr

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