Nutritional Myths and You | #FitnessProChat with Rheya Doshi

Nutritional Myths and You | #FitnessProChat with Rheya Doshi

There is numerous digital literature about what we should eat every day for healthy living. But, how sure are we about the veracity of these published blogs, media articles, and content published by influencers?

@Fiterobic’s Founder Alok Ranjan (@thealokr) joined Rheya Doshi, Certified Dietician, Naturopath & Genetic Counsellor in an engaging live session that busts the prevailing nutritional myths.

The key to healthy living is balanced nutrition, which means eating right in moderation. This session will demystify nutritional myths that affect our lives negatively. Here are a few key takeaways from the session:

  1. Importance of Nutrition for healthy living
  2. Common nutritional myths
  3. Health problems caused by wrong incorrect nutritional beliefs
  4. Busting the myths and working toward a healthy lifestyle
  5. Understanding balanced nutrition

The session was recorded on September 21, 11 am IST through Instagram Live.

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