Working Out at Home | #FitnessProChat with Shivangi Sarda

Working Out at Home | #FitnessProChat with Shivangi Sarda

Ever since the pandemic, the way we work out has changed. Working out from the comforts of our home is common now and we know that body weight exercises are good enough to show considerable results.

Fiterobic’s Founder, Alok Ranjan (@thealokr) engaged in conversation with Shivangi Sarda Founder @fitness.trail, Fitness Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach to discuss about how working out at home can help build endurance, strength, and stamina.

The session highlighted how one can start an injury-free, consistent, home workout schedule. Key takeaways from the session include,

  1. Importance of home workouts for healthy lifestyle
  2. Mistakes to avoid when working out from home
  3. How to set up a regular workout schedule
  4. How to stay injury free while working out at home
  5. Importance of nutrition in daily workouts

Watch the recording of the session. This session was recorded on October 8, 2022 at 11am, IST through Instagram Live.

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