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#FitnessProChat: Making Fitness a Way of Life

#FitnessProChat: Making Fitness a Way of Life

Making Fitness a Way of Life with Sunil Shetty

Welcome to our maiden #FitnessProChat session with Mr. Sunil Shetty, the ultra-marathoner and wellness and fitness influencer. Sunil is a well-known name in the fitness world and is a brand ambassador for numerous running events in India.

Staying fit has never seen such prominence in our lives as in the past 2 years due to COVID 19. In the pre-COVID era, many around the world have been involved in some form of physical fitness however, it would be right to say that people have not taken staying healthy and fit so seriously as accelerated by the pandemic.

COVID not only changed the way we live and work but also highlighted the importance of staying fit and healthy. The session “Making Fitness a Way of Life” aimed to decode the secret behind what keeps fitness professionals motivated each day to show up and remain fit. The session covered the following:

1. Getting started with the fitness journey
2. What keeps fitness professionals motivated
3. Workout at home vs Working out from Gym
4. How to prepare a daily fitness routine
5. Making fitness a way of life

Here’s the recording of the session

Making Fitness a Way of Life

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